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Lang T.
San Jose, CA
Inside, 5 of 5 star rating “Recommended”

My name is Lang Tran. I live in San Jose and work in Fremont. I searched the web site and found Auto Pro Detailing. I took my Toyota Tacoma truck there for a complete engine cleaning and full body clean and wax. Below is my observation: a) Very good atmosphere with professional care. b) The price is 25% less than a very popular place in Steven Creek where I got an estimate on my truck; an my Toyota Highlander got done there. c) More important: I did not inspect my truck when I picked it up (because I got my truck back during my working hour). So, I check the engine and found that the shop missed a few spots. I took it back and they did finish the job quick. d) They also gave me an estimate on the 2″ lift job which is 31% less than where I got my truck done in downtown San Jose.
Good job, folks.


Vishal P.
Location unknown, CA
Inside, 5 of 5 star rating “Great Service Highly Recommended”

I always get my windows tinted at window tinting plus a shop merged with this one. I called in yesterday and spoke with someone about removing scratches and making my car shine as my car is up for sale. They turned my 1998 volvo s70 from a big swirl mark(the name was given to it because I had so many scratches). When I took it in today they were shocked to see the condition of my car but it was nothing for these guys. When I came back a couple of hours later the car looked brand new and I just could not believe it Thanks guys for all your help And readers I personally highly recommend this shop to you great prices people service and outcome.

thanks again Auto Pro Detailing


34 male,
Milpitas, CA Yahoo Local, 4 of 5 star rating

Auto Pro Detailing did such a wonderful job on my vehicle. I feel in love with my car all over again after seven years of ownership. I can’t tell you how many compliments I received in just the first 24 hours, at the gas station, and the grocery parking lots. The perfomance and professionalism of Auto Pro Detailing is in no comparison to any other detailing shop or car wash. I will only use and recommend Auto Pro Detailing in the future. Great Job Guys and keep it up!!


M C.
Fremont, CA Yelp 5 of 5 star rating

I took my Toyota Sienna here for the full detailing. My van was a terrible mess – several road trips with small kids is very hard on the interior. Auto Pro Detailing got everything looking as good as new. I was amazed at how great it looked – it’s like a new car! On the exterior, they were able to buff out many of the little dings on the doors and the windows were spotless. I am completely happy with their service and plan to take my Corolla in for the works soon.


Brandy G.
Fremont, CA YELP 5 of 5 star rating
Updated – 1/2/2009

I got my windows tinted here about a year and 1/2 ago. The tinting looks really good (I got several compliments from coworkers) and has held up really well. The guys who work here are really friendly and don’t treat you like an idiot because you’re a chick. Complete car detail for $175! I couldn’t believe it! That included interior, exterior, and an engine steam! This is a really, really great price compared to other detailers in the Fremont area. (We almost went to Autopia, which would have cost us about $300 for the same service) Auto Pro Detailing had our car done in 3 hours and it was glowing! Looked better than brand new. We’ll be back again and again. This place also does window tinting and sells rims, but I haven’t used those services.


Jenway L.
Fremont, CA YELP 5 of 5 star rating

I was looking for a place to get my car detailed and decided on Auto Pro Detailing based on the previous two Yelp reviews. When I got there, I almost had second thoughts because it didn’t look like your traditional car wash – I didn’t see any other cars being worked on and it was tucked in the corner of an industrial park. However, they did an excellent job on the exterior detailing and it only cost me $100 (they gave me a discount because it was my first time there). I’m insanely anal about my car and highly recommend this place to anyone looking for more than just a mediocre place to get your car washed.


G M.
Fremont, CA
YELP 5 of 5 star rating 10/17/2007

I took my Sienna van in, and was pleasantly surprised with the way it came out. Also, did’nt end up paying a whole lot of $$ for the full service detail… I will be taking in my car next.. this has been my first experience of detailing. For now, I don’t see myself shopping for a a new vehicle .. it’s far more easier and more economical to add in a nice stereo and GPS and just get it detailed to get the new car look…

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